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agent-thysNeed to sell your property fast – consider the alternative marketing method of an auction.

The benefits are numerous and you as the seller has –

  • A definite date of sale – set by you and your seller.
  • No endless marketing, showing or selling period.
  • Guaranteed sale at true market value vs list price that has been negotiated down.
  • The ability to turn property directly into cash, with no extensive closing time.
  • Exiting atmosphere with competition amongst a crowd of highly interested buyers.
  • Quickest turn around , least hassle and immediate cash return on your assets.
  • Exposes property to a large number of buyers in a short period of time.
  • Buyers can pay the commission.
  • Seller sets the Terms and Conditions of the sale, remains in control.


An auction furthermore enables you to introduce your property in the shortest time possible to a vast pool of buyers. Auctions also attract buyers who might not have been interested in the property otherwise due to the targeted advertising.

RE/MAX Property Merchants Auctions provides a one-stop service which encompasses it all – not only limited to excellent administrative support but also full legal support if and when necessary.

For more information please contact Thys Naudé on 082 712 4010 or send an email to

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