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Vacant Stand

R 2 300 000 REF: RXCP

The security at Mooikloof is always a top priority. The two entrance gates are manned 24/7 and additional guards with resident security vehicles patrol the perimeter and roads.

Vacant Stands In Mooikloof Equestrian Estate

R 2 500 000 REF: RXCP

0 0 0

Only a few vacant stands left – hurry up or you will miss the opportunity to change your lifestyle.

Vacant Stand at a Good Price

R 3 180 000 REF: RXCP

The security at Mooikloof is always a top priority. The two entrance gates are manned 24/7 and additional guards with resident security vehicles patrol the perimeter and roads.

Vacant Stand

R 3 300 000 REF: RXCP

The equestrian centre houses central stables, numerous arenas and a 20 km horse trail.

Flat Stand

R 3 500 000 REF: RXCP

Entering Mooikloof Estate a new beginning………drive slowly, animals ahead………this could be your welcome until eternity!

Vacant Flat Stand

R 3 500 000 REF: RXCP

Situated in Mooikloof Equestrian Estate well-known for its security and luxurious lifestyle.

Vacant Stand

R 3 700 000 REF: RXCP

Vacant stand with top position in Mooikloof Equestrian Estate. Ideal for your dream home!

Stand With A View

R 3 800 000 REF: RXCP

Top position with beautiful views for your architect designed masterpiece.

One of the Last

R 3 800 000 REF: RXCP-0000

One of the last in a cul-de-sac – tree-like and beautiful! A very secluded and private stand situated in a prime spot within the Estate.

Prime Stand with Plans

R 4 500 000 REF: RXCP-0000

VACANT STAND -Top position in the most sought after Mooikloof Equestrian Estate with building plans.

Forever on Holiday

R 5 200 000 REF: RXCP-3374

4 4 5

Entering the house, you are immediately overwhelmed with the spaciousness and neatness of this thatch.

A Hidden Gem

R 5 500 000 REF: RXCP-2134

4 3 2

The indigenous trees create a tranquil feeling from the moment you drive up to the home.

Country Style Living

R 5 500 000 REF: RXCP-1432

4 1 1

Country style living at its best! Spacious open-plan, single level farmhouse with a very private tree-like garden.

A Private Family Affair

R 5 590 000 REF: RXCP-2059

5 3 3

Focusing on a relaxed lifestyle this home was drawn and positioned in such a way that it allows the splendid country environment and views to become part of this family’s daily visual and practical orientation.

True Italian Villa - Properties for Sale in Mooikloof Equestrian Estate

True Italian Villa

R 5 690 000 REF: RXCP-3197

3 3 4

Supreme elegance and luxury. Once in a while a true gem enters the market – this is one of them!

A Peaceful Delight

R 6 950 000 REF: RXCP-0413

4 4 3

Glass has been used freely and extensively to allow lots of sunlight and creating a very warm and friendly feeling.

Simply Perfect

R 7 000 000 REF: RXCP-1802

4 4 5

A huge double volume entrance hall invites you into a spacious home where easy living is the keyword.


R 7 950 000 REF: RXCP-3011

4 4 3

French and earth are meeting each other in this amazing home where immaculate attention to detail is seen throughout the house.

Modern Contemporary Home

R 7 990 000 REF: RXCP-2947

6 5 8

This low maintenance family home with lots of entertainment opportunities, in a top position, may just become your dream home!

Mooi Kloof Estate Property - A fresh and modern delight

Modern and Fresh

R 8 400 000 REF: RXCP-2566

5 5 4

The open-plan layout maximize space while simultaneously keeping private, work and public spaces well defined. If you want to move in and start living immediately this beauty is for you.

Modern Simplicity and Serenity

R 8 450 000 REF: RXCP-3103

5 4 4

The beautiful big swimming pool with its fountain is the focus point of the house from where one has amazing unobstructed views over the countryside

An Eco-Friendly 21st Century Masterpiece

R 9 000 000 REF: 0878

5 5 12

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly home with attention to the finest detail and at the same time enjoying a spectacular easy-living home….this one is for you!

Nature Lover’s One-in-a kind

R 9 950 000 REF: RXCP-3257

5 4 4

For the nature lover, fun loving, quirky and artistic family! The garden and layout of this house is special – every nook and cranny a surprise.

A Luxurious Modern Getaway

R 9 999 999 REF: RXCP-3071

5 4 3

A luxurious modern getaway! This home in all its grandeur was designed to create a home that is imposing and captivating to the eye, though still a family home.

Sleek Modern Family Home

R 10 000 000 REF: RXCP-3434

4 4 3

Discover the fine balance between modern, family and luxury with tons of natural light! Walking up to the front door you have no idea of the luxury that awaits you.

Elegant Farmhouse with Charm and Panache surrounded by Nature

R 10 600 000 REF: RXCP-2252

5 4 3

Situated on the banks of the Little Rietfontein River, the owners are afforded views of the beautiful countryside and a perfect harmony between nature and gracious, yet warm family living.

A Farmhouse for the Soul

R 10 750 000 REF: RXCP-2922

4 3 4

The homeowner’s are afforded the serenity of the surrounding luscious green lawns and trees from every bedroom and all the living rooms.

Rustic Country-house

R 10 900 000 REF: RXCP-3372

5 4 2

Entering the gate, the driveway curls through a tranquil paradise between huge trees, rolling lawns and passing several water features and Koi ponds.


R 11 000 000 REF: RXCP-1884

6 6 4

The individual touch of an expert is evident in the interesting combination of the Spanish and South African architectual styles.

A Mediterranean Majestic Masterpiece

R 11 500 000 REF: RCXP-2052

4 3 5

Driving up the driveway and approaching the porte cochère you realize this is definitely an extraordinary mansion.

Mooi Kloof Estate Property -French-style country home

A Country Home with a French Twist

R 11 500 000 REF: RXCP-1523

4 3 4

Peace and serenity. A family home with soul. When you cross the bridge entering the house you immediately realise this is a home full of character.

A Modern Architectural Masterpiece

R 12 000 000 REF: RXCP-2104

5 4 4

This modern family home encompasses a zest for life that completely reflects that of the home owners.

Unpretentious Modern Home

R 13 000 000 REF: RXCP-3384

4 4 5

Are you looking for something different and unpretentious? This unpretentious, architectural contemporary family home is for you.

Classical Modern

R 13 600 000 REF: RXCP-2946

5 4 5

Situated on one of the highest hills in Mooikloof Equestrian Estate puts this property in a class of it’s own.


R 13 700 000 REF: RXCP-3029

3 3 6

A pair of imposing, grand wooden gates signals the expectation of a house, but one is not prepared for the restraint classical beauty as it comes into view at the end of perfectly trimmed hedges featuring a water fountain at its focal point.

Royal Masterpiece

R 13 750 000 REF: RXCP-0137

5 4 7

This grand and majestic design is a testimony to the architectural brilliance of an architect who succeeded to create a seamless transition between inside and out.

Modern Home In Latest Trends

R 14 000 000 REF: RXCP-2154

4 4 5

An easy flow layout, spacious rooms, huge open-plan kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment – it’s the ideal house for any age group.

A Sleek Contemporary Masterpiece

R 15 000 000 REF: RXCP-3321

5 4 5

From the moment you drive through the interesting yet extraordinary modern gate and approach the home along the luscious tree-like garden you know – this is different…. amazing….in a class of it’s own.

Spectacular Once In A Lifetime Villa

R 17 980 000 REF: RXCP-1282

6 6 6

Only the best craftsmanship and the finest materials have been used throughout this home.

For The Connoisseurs of Life

R 26 900 000 REF: RXCP-3416

6 6 6

This home has a sense of beauty and grace rarely achieved anywhere else in the world. Spend time reviewing this iconic home. It will be one of your most rewarding real estate experiences ever.

Fairy-tale Castle

R 29 000 000 REF: RXCP-2432

8 8 6

This imposing romantic award winning architect designed French Châteaux by Enrico Daffonchio, stands out like a fairy tale castle, named by everybody as the Cinderella Castle.

Modernist and Exquisite Architecture

R 32 500 000 REF: RXCP-3342

5 5 8

Deprived from all forms of ornate clutter and fancy flair this home is true to its modernist architecture – strong horizontal composition with large open floor plans.

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